out now:
railways compilation/ 12"
from detroit underground

comin up:
fenin 12" det.underground
Lars Fenin,born and raised in Hamburg
has been around the music scene
in berlin since the late 90ties as
reggae guitarist/songwriter/live-act/artist/producer/dj.
His first experiments in electronic music started in 1998
for some small label in in Hamburg, followed two years later by his
first Ep release called "Herr Pitzelberger dreht auf"
for the Berlin based label Shitkatapult.

Since then Fenin has released serveral Eps and albums
for his homies Shitkatapult as well as 12" s and remixes for
labels like Echocord, Revolver, Adjunct Audio
and Detroit Underground among others.

Along the years he could boast collaborations/remixes with artists
such as Deadbeat, Mikael Stavöstrand, Daniel Meteo, k.j.gibbs,Horace Andy,
der Dritte Raum and Dub Syndicate.

Since 2008 he runs also his own label called "Dock-records"..

Soundwise, Fenin’s productions range from
pure roots reggae/dub pieces
to cordish/melodic techno sets
and electronika/ambient alike soundscapes.

The future is unwritten.